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Welcome Travel, the Alpitour and Costa Crociere network of travel agencies, is investing in a new communication tool, the personalized promotional brochure.

Welcome Travel, the Alpitour and Costa Crociere network of travel agencies, is investing in a new communication tool, the personalized promotional brochure.
A brochure, printed 4 times a year, putting together a selection of the best travel offers, produced by Rotolito combining digital and offset printing technologies.
The value of paper catalogue in the web era
In today’s web-driven world, many travelers still rely on travel agencies rather than booking online for their annual holidays. The agents are more experienced in finding the correct and up to date information, and have easier access to it.
How to improve the communication strategy of the Welcome Travel agencies
The agencies forming part of the “Welcome Travel” network have preferred access to special offers and holiday packs that are negotiated with the main Tour Operators. For this reason, it is vital that every single agency is able to communicate these exclusive opportunities to actual and prospective customers.
To this end, Welcome Travel is therefore supporting the agencies, helping them to build a personalized brochure which in turn will enhance their identity.
The promotional brochure, together with newsletters and posters, is one of the main marketing tools used by WT for its B2B and B2C communication, and today its cover is fully personalized, thanks the HP Indigo 10000 digital printing technology.
How the Welcome Travel brochure project has been developed
The front cover clearly shows the logo of the individual agency, so that it is immediately identifiable by the end user.
The inside cover page can be customized as the agency prefers, this may be a picture of their sales team or office, a personal mission statement or a short presentation.
On the inside back page of the cover WT and the agency outline their commitment towards their customers with a 5-point list of reasons for choosing the company.
Finally, on the back cover, all the specific information relating to the agency (name, logo, address, etc.), is printed in order to avoid the traditional method of hand stamping details onto the brochure.
As a result, the personalized brochure provides the agencies with improved visibility and helps to raise their profiles, projecting to the customers the identity of a reliable and professional holiday partner, able to guarantee an amazing travel experience.
“Our agencies have welcomed this new project”, says Roberto Natali, WT Marketing Manager, “the project started about a year ago, and today we count more than 600 agencies applying to participate, and the number keeps on growing”.
Rotolito: the right destination, where travelers’ dreams come true!
Rotolito has been supporting Welcome Travel in designing this new marketing tool from the outset, proposing the right printing technology while at the same time being able to manage the supplied variable data. Hundreds of pictures, texts and logos have to match perfectly, without any error that would compromise the entire project. All four editions of the promotional brochure are printed within Rotolito, The brochure print runs are perfectly suited to Rotolito’s web offset presses, whilst the personalized covers have to be printed digitally. The HP Indigo 10000, with its B2 size and offset matching quality, can print variable content and short runs. WT promotional brochure version print runs range from 200 to 5,000 copies.
Indigo’s vivid printing is also perfect for replicating images such as a tropical paradise or a snowy mountain scene often featured on the covers.
Finally and key to the whole operation is the packing and distribution process. Rotolito is able to handle the packing of each bundle that has to be individually delivered to the correct sales point for each agency.
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