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Printing skills and techniques for an exclusive publication

A book-shaped container that attracts curiosity and the desire to discover Anna dello Russo's essence as a designer, editor and fashion icon.
 A project in which, like in a box, Anna dello Russo, a renowned figure of the fashion world, wanted to preserve all her memories. A box full of surprises that took more than two years work to shape and whose publication was entrusted by Anna dello Russo to the editors at Phaidon.
Ten individual objects were printed and placed inside the Magic box following months of collaboration between the various editorial, design and production teams at Phaidon and Rotolito. Various printing technologies and technical skills were used for the project, both in terms of printing and packaging. Phaidon NY, Phaidon UK, Rotolito, Nava Press' Packaging division (for the print and packaging of the box) and Nava Shanghai (for the printing of the pop-up book) worked closely together to complete this intricate production. In addition to the issues of technical complexity, a huge organisational effort was also required for the production of all text content as well as for the approvals required from the various individuals involved.
Let's take a closer look at the individual components of AdR's Magic book:
pop-up book
two paper doll posters
The Chanted Mass, photographic book
picture card book
envelope with  stickers
flip book
special edition of Vogue magazine
book box container.
The most challenging part of this work related to the construction of the book-shaped container and pop-up book. The container's structural materials were made of 3 mm thick cardboard and polystyrene, coated with Sirio Pearl Aurum paper, sheet-fed offset printing and a gloss lamination. 
The book box and its components were then placed into a mailing box made of reinforced microwave cardboard with polystyrene protectors. The resistance to potential damage was then measured via a drop test and Phaidon carefully checked all of the qualitative standards of the final product.
The pop-up book was entirely made in China and stands out for the intricacy of the 4 pop-ups within it representing an original reproduction of the four most important cities of the author's career: Milan, Paris, New York and London.
Various coated and writing papers, weighing between 70gsm and 250gsm, were used to create the other 8 elements. They were made using sheet fed offset printing presses, both traditional and UV, in 4 to 5 colours and a touch of Golden Pantone ink was added to connect all of the elements together. Printing paints, blocking using heat-applied impressions and gloss lamination were used for the finishes. The additional decision to insert a real ‘Panini-style’ picture card book is definitely noteworthy. The flip book is also impressive for its compact size (50x100 mm) and the cover and book block of the Chanted Mass, entirely printed using UV technology, were embellished with gold edges.
 The AdRchive magazine is a collection of editorials, written by Anna dello Russo during her career at Vogue Italy, Men's Vogue and Vogue Japan, that highlight the author's work with the famous photographers and stars of the fashion world. 4000 copies were produced of The Magic Book AdR, which was presented at Milan's fashion week.

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