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Rotolito purchases Inprint-Litorama to grow in roto and flat printing

The signing for the closing of the transaction was made just this week after a long negotiation. Inprint-Litorama, a historic Italian graphic industry company, specializing in commercial and editorial printing - while the billboard and paper converting branch was sold in recent months to Gpack - was acquired by the Rotolito group, founded by Paolo Bandecchi who now leads it, together with the managers, with their children Simone, Federico and Emanuele.
It was no mystery to the market that for some time the current property of Inprint-Litorama - which had acquired the company in the past few years from the historic founding families Beltrame and Casiraghi - had been available to evaluate any purchase offers. And the dossier would have been viewed in the past - it is said - by more than one possible suitor. Names such as Grafica Veneta, Poligrafici Il Borgo (Amodei), Pozzoni and even some foreign printers. Among those who had evaluated the operation there was also Rotolito. An interest that has now materialized.
The acquisition of Inprint-Litorama - which in recent months has concentrated production activities (roto and flat) in a single center in Baranzate di Bollate, leaving that of Mazzo di Rho - is part of the growth strategy also for the external lines of the group that makes head of the Bandecchi family. An increase in production capacity that had already seen in recent months the purchase of Veneta Roto, a historic graphic company based in Verona and equipped with a 16-page KBA press.

The Inprint-Litorama transaction envisages, by Rotolito, the aggregation of the entire production reality of the Baranzate di Bollate group which invoices around 45 million euros, has a hundred employees (for whom it seems that no redundancies are foreseen) and a production focus in the commercial print distribution sector. Inprint-Litorama has a roto fleet consisting of four Litoman and Rotoman 4/5 color presses (one 64 pages, one 48 and two 16 that can work in pairs forming a 32) and two Manroland sheet machines: a 70x100 8 elements with white vault and unwinder and an 8 colors (4 + 4) 130x185, a special machine for the very large format of which there are only very few equivalent models on the market.
The acquisition of Inprint-Litorama thus strengthens the role on the Italian and European Rotolito market and responds to the growth strategy that Paolo Bandecchi had explained a few months ago to commenting on the expansion in the packaging as well as the Veneta Roto operation with Nava Press, the opening of a new printing and packaging production center, adjacent to the automatic "Paper Cube" warehouse in Cernusco sul Naviglio (a space of about 8 thousand square meters where a 72 MAN pages and 4 lines of staple) and entry with a stake in the company Artigrafiche & Diaries Italia, and therefore in the diary sector.
"The strategy of our company - the president of Rotolito had explained referring to the operations carried out in the last months and to those that, if the occasions will be introduced, will be able to materialize in future as it happened with Inprint-Litorama - is to be able to answer as much as possible to the requests of our Italian and foreign customers. In fact, we do not consider ourselves only as an industrial company but also and above all as a service company. Being diversified means responding appropriately to as many requests as possible, moving across multiple markets both geographically and at the product level. In our opinion this is the only way to go to continue to be competitive in the graphic arts market, and that is why we will continue in this direction as we have done in the past ».