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With a 35% equity investment, in White Star Srl, NavaPress, expands its operations in illustrated publishing.

White Star S.r.l. the NewCo of which NavaPress is part, acquires the White Star publishing arm of De Agostini Libri.
Pioltello: 20 July 2016  -  White Star Srl is acquiring De Agostini Libri S.p.A.'s White Star business division, which publishes illustrated books and photograh books at international level.
The other partners of NavaPress in the transaction are
Vis Value Partecipazione , an investment company headed by Pietro Boroli, Chairman of De Agostini S.p.A., with a 35% interest
Roberto Nardini, a manager with experience in innovation and development, with a 20% interest
Andrea Pasquino, a senior manager at White Star with a 10% interest
The main objective of the new White Star Srl company is to grow revenues, leveraging Nava Press’ printing competences and the specific knowhow of the group of 27 people who work for the brand at De Agostini.
NavaPress will increase its print volumes in high-level publishing with the production of the publishing products of White Star Srl.
National Geographic, one of the brands published by White Star, will continue its collaboration with the new White Star Srl company.
With a guarantee that all jobs will be kept, the White Star Srl personnel who currently work at the De Agostini offices in Novara will soon move to new offices, which have already been found in Novara.