Industry, Fashion and Furniture


Commercial printing for the major industry, fashion and furnishing brands, products with digital and web machines according to specific circulation and quality requirements, packaged and shipped around the world.


Tools, mechanical and electronic accessories, components of all kinds, technical equipment... the article list goes on and on; companies in the industrial sector need to publicize their products.

Often the vehicle more direct is the printed catalogue, also made of high paginations to insert all the photographs and with attached price list and product codes.
Also brochures and promotional flyers are part of this category  for commercial activities of various kinds: agencies, tour operators, suppliers of accessories and games for children, telephony, press agencies and service companies.


Catalogues, brochures, lookbook, invitations, shopper and internal magazine: for the world of fashion and luxury, the printed product is the most direct way to showcase their products, but also a marketing tool to capture attention, enhance the brand identity and amaze your end customers.
Rotolito knows this type of need very well and also thanks to the acquisition of Nava Press (leader in this sector) has developed a specific expertise for this category of products, relying not only on a number of sheet-fed machines, but also on specialised personnel, equipped to follow with extreme care both printing and pre-press operations, especially as regards the management of colour management.


Has always been the easiest and most direct way to submit a new collection in the years furnishing houses and design have used the catalogue or a printed brochure as a marketing lever, embellishing interior and cover with special processes. These products require special attention in pre-press and the startup stage, an attention to detail that perfectly fits to the Rotolito team, a balanced mix of technical and commercial know how to apply that expertise gained over the years to different needs of the European furnishing market