Books and magazines in a wide range of sizes and types of materials, in print runs ranging from a few copies up to hundreds of thousands of copies, in colour or black and white.

Educational, Technical and Scientific

We produce a wide range of school books, from school children’s books to university books, technical, scientific, financial and law books.

Particularly efficient is the management of reprints and short runs, thanks to the flexibility of digital web inkjet, which for these types of requirements is very competitive from the economic point of view and timing.

Illustrated books

The production of art, photography, travel, fashion and kitchen books requires high standards of quality both in the printing and packaging stages; thanks to our know how and the vast number of treatments that we can achieve with the available technologies: (traditional and digital) sheet and rotary machines with regard to the press, paperback and bookbinding lines for bookbinding, in addition to a series of special finishings such as trance, jumps, page edges, serigraphs, and much more.

Fiction Books and Manuals

Books of black and white text printed on uncoated paper, are products that are perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the production of Timsons printing that we have used for many years and to which have been recently added two HP digital presses for the needs of medium-low and micro-runs.
Every day we produce in our facilities thousands of narrative books, whether they are best sellers or niche titles, with a large variety of sizes and number of pages, from classic "pocket" to "brick".

Magazines and Periodicals

Rotolito has always been the reliable and efficient partner for the main Italian publishers and international production of magazines and periodicals, with a quality print able to highlight text and images in various formats, runs and pagination.
Daily production of Rotolito comprises both weekly and monthly magazines, which require a large and reliable production capacity able to ensure compliance with the deadlines. Fashion and art magazines, where quality is the main criterion which determines the choice of printer.
Enigmistica, Sudoku products and the so-called "games” also return among all periodicals, for which Rotolito is a reference of international level.

Comics and Album

Rotolito’s activity began 40 years ago with the printing of comics. Since then we have expanded our horizons, stretching ourselves on to other markets but we have remained an important point of reference for the publishers in the industry. Italian and foreign comics, black and white or colour, every month we produce hundreds of thousands of albums and comic books for major publishing houses: from the historical and proper Italian titles as Diabolik and Tex Willer to "import” comics, such as Japanese "Manga" and the classic American "Comics", through the famous Titan illustrated “Annuals”.
Even the sticker album is an important business for us, we have been chosen by Pizzardi Publisher as a key supplier for its famous "Puppies".