Innovation and flexibility


Printing, binding and ennobling

Our series of presses located in 6 different production sites is the cornerstone of our outstanding and comprehensive response to every printing, binding and ennobling requirement: from the longest to the shortest print runs, from magazine and book publishing to mass retail materials, from education to corporate printing, from offset to digital.

Every product to be printed is analysed and assessed by our automatic quotation system and the most suitable technology is identified based on the different needs, production times, print runs, formats and finishes. Our up-to-date technology and the reputation we have gained in international markets place us at the top of the list of printing press manufacturers who consider us the perfect benchmark for R&D in our industry.

Digital web inkjet

We were the first in Europe in 2009 to install a colour HP T300 InkJet Web Press with a book block binding system. Since then, in collaboration with our partners Hewlett-Packard, manroland Goss web system and Müller Martini, we have implemented our machinery with an advanced digital printing department in order to meet the growing demand for print-on-demand: short runs, reprints and customised content.


Thanks to our proprietary automatic replenishment system, we manage warehouse and reordering work on behalf of our customers. We fulfil a large number of orders and deliveries that we process through a sophisticated management system in our IT department: another example of our service, simplification and sustainability mindset.

Sheet-fed digital

Fulfilling customer requests for limited print runs and the customisation of books, catalogues, magazines and many other printed products is simple for us thanks to HP Indigo digital print technology: similar to the offset print quality offered by the special HP ElectroInk liquid ink. A technology that combines the need to print only the required quantities with excellent print quality, this avoiding unnecessary leftover stock and making the processes more sustainable.


Illustrated books, magazines, catalogues, top-quality brochures: the Indigo 100K is a state-of-the-art digital printing press in 4 colours that delivers quality results in line with offset technology and produces 6,000 sheets per hour. And like offset technology, it allows rapid sheet changeover for the highest levels of flexibility. Proven flexibility also for the ease of customisation and special applications. Self-diagnosis of malfunctions, governed by AI reduces the risks of machine downtime.


The 50x70 format of our HP Indigo 15000, the wide range of printable supports and 7-colour configuration that includes special colours, Pantone® colours, heptachromy printing, light cyan and light magenta allows us to print top-quality products with all the benefits of digital printing.

Sheet-fed offset

We have an extensive range of machine with 4, 5 and 10 colours and a sealer that print both with traditional and LED-UV ink in formats from 75x106cm to 120.5x164cm, all equipped with the latest tools to verify, check and manage the printed sheet.
Illustrated books, catalogues, brochures and magazines are just some of the products that we can produce with the sheet-fed offset process.

The possibility of ranging from low-weight paper to single and double-sided coated cardstock makes the printing process the most flexible of all. Lastly, we also have machines for coating and laminating specifically for finishing covers.

Web offset

Roto-offset technology is the most efficient printing process for producing large quantities in a short space of time: books, magazines, catalogues, brochures and large-scale distribution flyers are just some of the products that we produce every day. Our series of machines consists of web offset presses for 16, 48, 64 and 72 pages, always in 4 and 5 colours.


Our Timsons web offset presses allows us to fulfil medium and low print runs with a high number of printed pages on lightweight and uncoated paper: fiction, educational publishing, guide books, puzzle books and comics are products that find their way in to the 1-, 2- and 4-colour web offset printing process.


Binding is a strategic production process in the array of services offered and as a result, the production facility in Capriate is wholly dedicated to the binding of sewn and hardback printed material. The machines for perfect and spiral bound paperbacks are located in the Cernusco, Pioltello and Bucharest facilities, thus optimising production times and transport.
Any type of binding, from the most classic to the most innovative, can be produced by our constantly upgraded machinery and highly skilled, expert operators.
The production chain is completed by the folding and gathering lines for sewn and milled paperbacks (hotmelt and PUR), casing-in lines for hardback or flexible Dutch-style covers, and the saddle-stitching and spiral-binding line.


The post-binding capability is the key feature of our services. A line of machines with multiple stations allows different products to be bundled: an ideal service for the educational publishing market with an ever-increasing need to bundle books, CDs, inserts, workbooks in one jacket, and to have a single shrink-wrap with optimised packaging for perfect logistical distribution.


Graphics art is renowned for constantly changing, with the introduction of new trends and innovations just like in fashion, design, architecture and anything to do with aesthetics. Given this, Rotolito’s ennobling process is always in line with the requests of our most discerning customers who often ask us for advice, tips and innovative solutions. Our series of machines is, therefore, capable of providing any type of finishing, from the simplest with machine varnishing, sealing or UV coating, full gloss or matt finishes to the most complex alignment finishes or with a drip-off effect on texts or images.

Glossy, matt, anti-scratch or soft touch lamination is handled in-house. Our ennobling techniques include hot foiling, blind blocking and screen printing on hard covers and special covering materials (cloth, silk, eco-leather). A very special ennobling trend is custom edging. This is a process that can be performed using heat (gold and silver), sprayed on (colour) or digital to reproduce images or patterns on the head, foot or fore-edge.

«The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them»
(Antoine De Saint-Exupery)